Supply Chain

FULCRUM Consulting
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Your task

  • Optimization and adaptation of the supply chain in terms of lean management, CIP, Six Sigma
  • Improvement of logistically balanced KPIs, e.g. OEE, inventory, lead time, capacity flexibilization, etc. depending on the logistical goals
  • Actively utilizing and promoting the knowledge of your own employees
  • Rapid and efficient implementation of supply chain improvements

The role of FULCRUM

  • Optimization and/or realignment of the supply chain with the help of lean management, CIP, Six Sigma methods
  • Setting up balanced key performance indicator systems
  • Analysis of end-to-end processes and identification of optimization
  • potential in cooperation with internal teams
    Planning and joint implementation of improvements (project management, moderation, implementation, coaching)
  • Professional input in the areas of process management, SCM, change management, IT, organizational and team development
  • Implementation of a continuous improvement process

Your benefit

More effective and target-oriented supply chain business processes

Improved KPIs

Safe and efficient management of changes

Know-how for further improvements remains within the company, ensuring the sustainability of the project results





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